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About Me

I’ve been developing full-stack applications since 2016, when I started my journey into software development at the Coding Dojo in Chicago.

My most recent role as senior software engineer at Beam Benefits included using Ruby on Rails to write new API endpoints to handle large amounts of data. I also handled a wide array of tasks such as writing authentication middleware, API endpoints and serializers for handling events coming from the WiFi toothbrush, and working on front-end features using React/NextJS. During my role at Kalderos, I was tasked with developing scalable solutions for a large user base. I filled the role of UI lead in delivering a product from ground up to beta release within a four-month period. I learned C# on the job to help write a scalable and efficient API on the same product. In my first development role I took ownership of building a customer portal and a mobile app -- the only client facing applications the company had built at the time.

I am also very much a team player and someone who thrives in collaborating with other developers and team members. I worked very closely with the UX team in my last role, helping to create the beginnings of our future design system. I worked with more junior developers in helping to mentor them and teach them best practices; I also made sure I was always available to answer questions and have code review sessions. Some of my favorite moments on the job are working with other developers to discover solutions to difficult challenges.

Outside of work I love to hike, camp, ski, play boardgames, read, cook, listen to music, go to concerts, play banjo, whittle, and hang with friends. My zen is to be reading a great fantasy book while lying in a hammock in the woods.